Top Hat Educator Awards

Awards ceremony of Engage 2018

Applications for the Top Hat Educator Awards are officially open

At Top Hat Engage 2020, we will honor and celebrate educators who have gone the distance to improve learning experiences for students before, during and after class. This year, we recognize college and university educators driving real impact with three distinct awards.

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Educator AwardMost Innovative Educator

Presented to the professor whose innovative use of Top Hat has created a better learning experience for students before, during or after class.

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Describe how content creation with or implementation of Top Hat has led to a change in the classroom, improving the educational experience for instructors and students alike. Past examples of winners include professors who successfully redesigned their course with Top Hat, or leveraged Top Hat to integrate evidence-based teaching and learning techniques throughout their course.

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Educator AwardStudent Impact

Given to the member of the Top Hat community who has connected with students both inside and outside of the classroom to improve learner outcomes.

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Describe how you’ve made improvements in respect to student success rates. To make your application stand out, include testimonials from students about their experience in your course. Describe in detail the connections you’ve made with students throughout the semester to further their learning and development.

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Educator AwardTop Author

Awarded to the community member who has used Top Hat’s authoring tools to create a particularly original, innovative or outcome-driven educational resource.

Make the case for your nomination

Let us know your motivations for authoring with Top Hat. What is different about the approach used in the interactive textbook or resource in question? How has your material made a difference in the course it was designed for, or for future courses?

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Award winners of Engage 2018

Why you should nominate yourself, a colleague or your professor for a Top Hat Educator Award

Top Hat’s mission is to make teaching fun and effective. We want to honor passionate, forward-thinking educators who are making our mission a reality.

Winners will be announced at Top Hat Engage 2020 and will be awarded an all-expenses-paid trip to Engage 2021. All Top Hat Educator Award finalists will receive recognition through Top Hat's website, and our customer newsletter.

To enter, all you need to do is complete a short application form and someone from our team will follow up with you to get greater details on your story.

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