Become a Top Hat Expert

Earn your Top Hat Innovative Educator Certification while attending Engage 2018

At Engage 2018, you’ll have the chance to earn a Top Hat Certification. Facilitated by Top Hat’s instructional designers, our Level 1 Certification will provide a broad understanding of Top Hat as an active learning platform, and will take you through the core features that can be used to engage your students before, during and after class.

This 3-hour session provides a singular hands-on learning experience, designed to enable you to get the most from the Top Hat platform.

What: Top Hat Level 1 Certification
Where: Radisson Blu - Atlantic A Ballroom
When: Saturday, October 27
7:30am - 10:30am (breakfast will be available starting at 7am)

Certification is optional, and space is limited. Therefore attendees must pre-register by completing a brief survey in order to participate in the Certification course at Engage 2018.

Complete the Pre-Registration Survey

If you plan on attending Certification at Engage 2018, please read the following checklist carefully:

  • Things kick-off at 7:30 a.m. sharp on Saturday, October 27 (we’ll provide the food and coffee beforehand!) — show up ready to become a master at using Top Hat
  • Don’t forget to bring your laptop and charger! Note: You will not be able to use a mobile device to participate in this course
  • Make sure your Top Hat professor account is ready to go. If you don’t have one, please go to app.tophat.com to create one before October 27.
  • If you’ve already completed your Level 1 Certification, we still encourage you to sign up for the Certification course this year. You’ll get a refresher and learn some new content at this year’s Foundations session at 7:30am. Plus all of our lab sessions (beginning at 8:45am) are brand new and can be used toward earning your Level 2 and Level 3 Certifications!

How do I use/download the Top Hat app?

In order to get the most out of the sessions, we will be using Top Hat student accounts. This is different from a Top Hat professor account, which you normally use. Please find instructions below on how to proceed:

If you haven’t already done so, please download the Top Hat app. Downloading the app is free. Click here to download the iOS app or click here to download the Android app. You can also use Top Hat on your laptop or tablet.

Once you’ve installed the app, you’ll be using a student account to access your sessions. Please ensure you have logged out of your professor account as you will not be able to use this during the sessions. We will be giving your username and password at registration day-of.

What is the Top Hat Innovative Educator Certification?

It’s the mark of distinction for Top Hat users who are really taking their teaching game to the next level. Our Level 1 Certification course will provide you with the skills to make the most of Top Hat’s core features, enabling you to customize educational content from the Top Hat Marketplace, create your own interactive educational content and better engage your class.

Why should I get certified?

Earning a Top Hat Certification is a great way to build and share knowledge, gain experience using successful strategies and stand out as an innovative educator who is mastering the use of technology for educational content delivery. Upon completion, you will receive an official electronic certificate that can be shared with your professional network on LinkedIn. You’ll also be a Top Hat pro, which is nothing to sniff at.

Who’s it for?

Candidates for Level 1 certification are existing Top Hat instructors looking to enhance their knowledge of core features and master the tools necessary to meet a variety of learning objectives inside and outside the classroom. Existing customers who have basic to intermediate familiarity with using Top Hat are encouraged to register.

Prospective customers of Top Hat may sit in on any Certification session, but are unable to apply to receive the Top Hat Certification Level 1.