Top Hat Engage brings together more than 300 passionate educators from across North America to share their instructional strategies, get inspired and take home practical ideas to improve the teaching experience and help more students succeed.

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Submission overview

The reason so many educators love Top Hat Engage is the opportunity to learn from their peers. As a guest presenter, this is your chance to share how you're innovating your course design and delivery to maximize engagement, learning and student outcomes. What are your best practices? How are you using Top Hat to transform the way you teach your students? Your peers want to know!

We have two flexible session formats based on the depth of the insights and experiences you'd like to share.

  • How I Taught This: 15-minute lightning sessions that provide quick, high-impact examples of how educators are combining innovative teaching practices with Top Hat in their courses
  • Breakout Sessions: 45-minute sessions, including panel discussions, that explore Top Hat in the context of student-centered approaches to higher education and best practices for educators and institutions

What’s in it for you

Top Hat Engage is a wonderful opportunity to build your profile and share what’s working in your courses for the benefit of an appreciative audience. Individuals selected to share their knowledge and experience will receive a complimentary ticket to Top Hat Engage valued at $249, along with an honorarium of $200 for How I Taught This Sessions and $400 for Breakout Sessions.

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Thematic guidance

Our theme this year is ‘Awakening Curiosity’ and tapping into this uniquely human trait to inspire and motivate today’s students through moments of insight, connection and discovery. With your help, we aim to explore this theme to inspire fellow educators with innovative teaching practices powered by Top Hat.


How can we create learning experiences that are more valuable, inclusive and equitable? It starts with harnessing the power of insight to shape the learning experience and provide the feedback and mentorship students crave. This includes using data-informed pedagogy and innovative, equitable approaches to assessing students. It also involves using interactive content design and delivery to create the feedback loops that help shape and improve the learning experience, not just over time, but in the moment itself.


Cultivating community and connection in today’s lecture halls has been easier said than done, until now. With the right tools and approaches, we can create shared experiences that get students to step outside their comfort zones and become active members of a vibrant learning community. This includes nurturing student belonging and making learning more immediate and relevant. It also involves creating opportunities for coaching and mentorship, and supporting diversity and inclusion through our approach to content creation.


Designing learning experiences with the power to transform means piquing curiosity, ‘breaking the script’ and making students active participants in the learning process. Motivating students to explore and learn on their own also means making learning relevant and applicable to life outside of college. This involves harnessing the power of digital course materials, and using active learning, along with creative approaches to foster discussion and collaboration to keep students engaged.

In a perfect world, you have experiences and practical teaching tips that fit into one or more of the above categories. But if you have something that doesn’t quite fit, that’s okay. We’d love to hear about it and explore it with you.

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