Get Top Hat Certified and Learn How to Implement Technology for Maximum Impact

Earn your Top Hat Innovative Educator Certification at Top Hat Engage, the higher education conference in 2020

What is the Top Hat Innovative Educator Certification?

The Top Hat Innovative Educator Certification is the mark of distinction for educators who are committed to taking their teaching game to the next level—and using valuable data insights to improve students’ outcomes.

Our Level 1 Foundations Top Hat Certification course equips you with the skills to make the most of Top Hat’s core features, enabling you to adopt, customize and create interactive educational content, leverage Top Hat’s assessment tools to see what students are learning and better engage your students—before, during and after class.

New for this year, our Level 2 Advanced Top Hat Certification at Engage 2020 will make your teaching even more effective, equipping you with research-supported best practices on teaching and learning to use in your classroom, and creating educational courseware that ensures lasting and impactful student experiences.

Why you should get Top Hat Certified

Top Hat Certification is designed for existing Top Hat instructors looking to enhance their knowledge of core Top Hat features, and master the tools necessary to meet a variety of learning objectives inside and outside the classroom. Learn to use Top Hat’s full set of assessment capabilities to get a comprehensive view of every students’ performance, course correct in real time and ensure students succeed. A Top Hat Certification is a great way to build and share knowledge, gain experience using successful strategies and stand out as an innovative educator who is mastering the use of technology for educational content delivery. Existing Top Hat customers who have basic-to-intermediate familiarity with using Top Hat are encouraged to register.

At the conclusion of the Top Hat Innovative Educator Certification, all participants will be invited to an exclusive VIP experience at a secret location in the French Quarter.

What you will learn

Level 1Foundations Top Hat Certification

Facilitating engagement in learning before, during and after class

  • Part 1 | Foundations of teaching with technology

    This introductory session covers the basics of teaching with technology, introduces you to Top Hat’s approach to end-to-end teaching, and demonstrates how you can start facilitating active learning in your course

  • Part 2 | Driving effective student behaviour outside of class

    This hands-on workshop covers various strategies for driving and motivating students to do pre-class preparation, and how to use feedback from activities to adjust your lessons and ensure students succeed

  • Part 3 | Creating effective active learning experiences during class

    This hands-on workshop will teach you the best practices for creating an interactive lecture with Top Hat, and how to use real-time feedback to keep learners engaged and motivated

Level 2Advanced Top Hat Certification

Becoming an agile teacher and creating high impact learning experiences

  • Part 1 | Creating engaging content inside and outside the classroom

    Take content creation to the next level by learning how to write engaging content for your audience, move from extrinsic to intrinsic learning motivators and discover successful techniques for flipping your class and curating course content

  • Part 2 | Designing experiences that make learning stick

    This workshop will show you how to implement proven evidence-based teaching and learning techniques with Top Hat. Learn how to design lessons using techniques such as retrieval practice and interleaving, apply Bloom’s taxonomy to your question design and effectively use real-time feedback for successful knowledge transfer in your class

  • Part 3 | Making empirical instructional choices

    This session will teach you how to evaluate the success of your learning activities. We’ll cover some common frameworks for evaluating your lesson design and walk through how you can use Top Hat to incorporate this into every part of your before, during and after class experience

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